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Kiribati IQ option - Click and Trade

Our aim is to design smarter and meaningful experiences by creating sustainable designs, with an interest in green materials. We believe in simplicity and value, while appreciating complexity, sensuality and luxury; based on honest living principles.


Kiribati IQ option - Click and Trade

We are an eco-friendly, time-efficient, cost and quality driven design studio.

Who We Are & What We Do

Kutval Design Development creates unique spaces, environments and products.

Founded in 2003, Kutval operates from an office in the historical district of Tunel Istanbul. Along with its partners, Kutval has presence in Paris and Barcelona with Tenzing-G4 group and in Milan with NoName Studio. With a team of multidisciplinary designers;

Kutval has created a wide range of enviroments for both residential and commercial purposes such as houses, cafes & restaurants, retail spaces, social facilities, SPA-wellness clubs, events and exhibitions. We work across a broad spectrum of industries and individuals; including consumer electronics, sports, cosmetics, construction, entertainment, retail, food and fashion.

Some of our well known clients are; Mitsubishi Electric, Philip Morris and Toni&Guy.


The Way We Do

Without following or committing any style or any stream, the studio believes in total freedom, independency and unique projects.

Our aim is to design smarter and meaningful experiences by creating sustainable designs, with an interest in green materials. We believe in simplicity and value, while appreciating complexity, sensuality and luxury; based on honest living principles.

With every new project the studio wants to create spaces that are emotionally expressive, visually inspiring for new experiences influenced by nature; combined with the rituals of daily life. Kutval is an eco-friendly, time-efficient, cost and quality driven design studio that blends both art and science.


The Team



100% fat free projects from 2003-2017, try it ! delicious.


This section is a daily or weekly or at least monthly feed section. You will find information about our work in progress and the things that we are currently interesting, some press is a plus.

Visit our archive

A very exciting news from the west; Our work for Cloud7 – funkiest budget hotel chain from our hood- has been announced in the shortlist for EHDA’16 for the category of New Architecture Building. We are so happy and looking forward to hear more from EHDA.

Our work for the coolest and newest small luxury chain Walton Hotels has been featured on House Beautiful magazine September 2016 issue.

Our design for Mr. Ulusoy has been featured on House Beautiful for March ’15 issue. Thanks for the contributors.

Our selection of chair for Drip Coffeeist has been featured on InStyle Feb’15 issue.

Our latest design for famous microroastery and coffee shop called Drip Coffeeist featured on TV.

Our latest interior design for two storey townhouse located in Istanbul Bahcehir district featured in Home Art february issue, check the magasine for detailed info and many thanks to the contributers.


To send us a message or just to say Hello, please complete the form bellow or contact us via details listed on the left. We'll get back to you asap. Unless it's a weekend.

Mesrutiyet Caddesi 98/2 34430 Istanbul

5, Rue Taylor 75010 Paris

12 Laforja Street, 08006 Barcelona

Via Friuli 8/c 20135 Milano

phone: +90 212 293 93 45


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